The BLINGS Workshop series is designed to coach leaders, managers and their teams to be representative of a consistent corporate brand while in alignment with their personal values and identity.

Phase I - Communication

The Power of your Words - How they can Make or Break You

Phase II - Personal Grooming

The Grooming Principles in image management are the physical manifestations of a person's health & well being. They are also the operating principles (protocol/outward appearances?) that define the basic environment & character of an organization, its products and employees.

Example: Assessing Your Physical Self

Phase III - Wardrobing Strategies

Wardrobe Strategies in image management are external expressions to lifestyle & profession. Clothing plays an essential role to strategic success, like water does to one’s health. An organization's dress code supports the foundation of its philosophy.


Dressing for Success


Ten Ways to Sabotage Your Image

Phase IV - Inner Image

Inner Image is the reputation and relationship you have with yourself regarding security, self-hood, belonging, purpose and competence. Within a corporate setting, it expresses a company’s vision, purpose, and objective with regards to research and development, financial, operational, and marketing practices.


Phase V - Protocol & Etiquette

Etiquette refers to a code of acceptable social and business behaviour. Within the business setting, it is an organization’s public statement of its standard of conduct that sets the ethical tone for its employees, suppliers, and customers. 

Example: Business Etiquette


Model wearing jewelry sample